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Digital chain verification is an important means to solve modern supply chain management such as product traceability, especially in the areas of food, people’s livelihood, and biotechnology safety, which have attracted more and more attention from the government and the public. The information application technology in the field of safety traceability is fast development of. At present, the mainstream product traceability system is mainly centered and dominated by relevant government departments or a core company. It uses administrative means or market position to force upstream and downstream related companies to cooperate in accordance with its specifications. Product traceability records are controlled by a certain department or company. During processing, there are potential security risks such as malicious tampering, copying, spamming, and the inability of the responsible person to bind.

Current issues at home and abroad

The database of the product traceability system must be technically resolved and cannot avoid tampering with product information.

The label information of the genuine product is prevented from being copied by counterfeit products.

If the product has quality problems, the problematic links and the accurate positioning of the relevant persons responsible.

Prevent manufacturers from distributing products indiscriminately beyond their expected output.