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The EHTDIGIT transformation results can be widely used in digital verification consumption fields such as tourist attractions and supermarket membership. For example, based on tourists' confirmation information, through intelligent systems and verification terminals, the integrated service functions of supply chain resource optimization, ticket control, data collection, safety management and control, risk early warning, and scientific dispatch can be realized, effectively reducing operating costs; on the surface It can be seen that the establishment of membership management models for digital verification products can derive many products that benefit the people, but behind the tourism industry, there are many practical meanings worthy of recognition.

Since the birth of verification engineering technology more than 30 years ago, card and card technology has made great progress. In the past decades, verification management solutions have always been a key part of many corporate security strategies. Today, intelligent management solutions provide enterprises with unprecedented security and convenience. Although current solutions bring security and convenience, many companies still use outdated and vulnerable authentication technologies. Reliable quality and cost-effective solution. Chain coding technology can achieve excellent text and image quality. It adopts multifunctional modular design and supports multiple on-site upgrade functions to meet the needs of different application scenarios. For example, the verification module can be on the back of the card. Add company or employee specific information, and the dual-card hopper module supports one-time identification or the card of the supplier park. After adding the data encoding function module, highly secure contact and non-contact multi-functional intelligent identification can be connected In business areas such as visitor management, physical or logical control, membership card management, or cashless sales.