Application case

The use of EHTDIGIT in various industries is significant. Since the application of EHTDIGIT is based on key industries, the application cases of EHTDIGIT in the security field are mainly introduced.

1Verification link

Tourism industry as an example, domestic data show that: in the post-epidemic era of tourism, Shaanxi ranks second in the country,In the 8-day holiday in 2020, Xi 'an ranks second in tourism popularity in China, with the tourism revenue of Xi 'an's holiday reaching 11.14 billion yuan. During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holidays, Xi 'an received 14,748,100 person-times of tourists, nearly 80% more than last year. Tourism revenue reached 11.14 billion yuan, nearly 70% more than last year,The application of industry model of EHTDIGIT will bring more benefits to consumers.

2Processing link

The main process and consumption scenario process, the main role is multi-point verification. For example, the scenic spot receives consumer voucher codes, obtains and maintains product information files, and the plan mainly includes source information, customer information, inspection information, and sales information. In this section, the inspection of tourist attractions and relevant state departments need to participate in the review, and verify product safety through digital signatures. In addition to consumption scenarios, materials such as audit information will also be introduced in the verification process. The final step is product release and rights creation. In the release process, physical information such as the relevant model, product time, information, and safety should be established. In addition, you also need to generate physical labels for the products and query items for consumers.

3Logistics link

The main role of logistics enterprises is to rely on the mature location tracking technology of logistics enterprises to provide accurate geographical location information for products. The logistics enterprise needs to supplement the transportation mode, transportation environment and receiving place in the product information document. In addition, the products are usually bulk packed in large storage Spaces, such as containers, and the information documents of containers should contain the identification of specified products to meet the requirements of logistics enterprises in the process of batch management.

4Sales section

The main role is the sales enterprise. The product may arrive at the retail link after several times of distribution, so the sales enterprise must be clear about the source of the product and write the product information document. At the same time, the selling enterprise should also supplement the situation of product selling time and price, guarantee the integrity of product documents, and guarantee the time certainty of information entry in blockchain system.

5Tracing link

The main role is consumer.When the consumer purchases the product, the product information document (specifying permissions) can be accessed via the EHTDIGIT to learn the necessary information.

When a safety incident occurs, the main role is to enforce the law. At this time, the relevant departments obtain higher levels of power through the private key, and obtain detailed information about the entire process of the product from consumption to the terminal, so as to find the source of the problem and hold accountable, or through detailed verification information, transaction data, and logistics information Perform accurate product verification.