Introduction of tokens

Token description

The symbol of EHTDIGIT is EHTDIGIT, the English abbreviation ANO, which is also the name of the right chain on the EHTDIGIT platform, and it is the settlement symbol of the decentralized EHTDIGIT platform.

ANO is an EHTDIGIT-based construction model for various transactions and settlements on the EHTDIGIT platform. It includes a series of activities, such as finance, film industry, tourism, chain production, inspection and logistics settlement, retail sales, consumer purchases and traceability. ANO is the communication medium for these activities.

The ANO token is the only token in the parent chain of the entire ecosystem. Any cross-chain data interaction and asset exchange need to consume the parent chain token. When the ecosystem is formed, cross-chain data interaction becomes a high-frequency event. ANO token holders have the right to share the development direction of the EHTDIGIT main chain,Realize value-added.

Issuing mode

Based on the need of convenient conversion between actual operation and unit, the total amount of scrip issuance is limited to 2.5 billion, which remains constant. The details are shown in the following table.

Table 6-1 coin issue scheme



allocation plan


750 million

private placement


175 million

community operation


375 million

team holding


375 million

community fund



75 million

750 million

consultant holdings

commercial landing deployment

Circulation mode

1Redeem some tokens on a pro-rata basis every month after half a year of operation to ensure total and quantity scarcity.

2With a variety of different solutions, people with different needs of different enterprises have a variety of options, which can be exchanged into ether coins, which can be consumed directly or withdrawn directly.