EHTDIGIT is one of the data verification and traceability technology platforms constructed by JUSTMAE and EHTDIGIT. It is engaged in Internet and media information services, media and information industry services, and provides digital media-based solutions and solutions for copyright, film, finance, tourism, fashion and other fields. service.

Technical framework

Platform frame

EHTDIGIT platform architecture

EHTDIGIT is designed to be integrated and enhanced based on scripting and the concept of the original protocol on the chain. Enables merchants/users, third-party testing agencies, and users to create arbitrary consensus-based, traceable, extensible, standardized, feature-complete, easy-to-develop, and coordinated applications.

EHTDIGIT establishes the ultimate and abstract base layer by using the ethereum underlying technology. The block chain built into the Turing complete programming language allows anyone to create contracts and decentralized applications in which they have freely defined ownership rules, trading methods, and state conversion functions.

Function declaration

In order to ensure the maximum value of the verification data itself, EHTDIGIT will choose the consensus mechanism based on Pos by default. The PoS mechanism in EHTDIGIT enables holders to proceed on specific proposals/ agendas in EHTDIGIT. Different Pos also provide a check and balance mechanism for unqualified data verification. If it does not meet the consensus rules of the network, it can be prevented by traceability data.

The designers of the EHTDIGIT platform used cryptography to resolve the consensus mechanism. This consensus mechanism operates on asymmetric cryptographic mathematics.

EHTDIGIT constructs a distributed architecture based on open source, decentralized protocols defined by the system. The information of value exchange is transmitted to the whole network through distributed transmission, the content of information is determined by distributed bookkeeping, block data is generated after timestamp is stamped, and distributed storage is realized through distributed propagation to each node.