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The connotation of smart tourism at this stage

● Smart tourism focuses on the humanization of the travel experience. During the travel process, tourists can enjoy information services without any difference through various access methods. When designing the content of services, more consideration is given to the feelings and needs of tourists. The ways to obtain services are more diversified, increasing the interactivity and real-time nature of services.

● The tourism industry is required to continue to innovate on the basis of ensuring business standards, and to ensure the quality of tourism products through product traceability equivalence methods; to ensure the level of tourism services through precision marketing, rapid complaint feedback mechanisms, and service satisfaction network evaluations. Through differentiated competition, focusing on user experience, discovering its own strengths, and continuously launching product and service model innovations to enhance attractiveness to tourists, so as to maximize the benefits of the tourism industry.

● Establish a scientific and objective tourism planning and construction system, improve the construction of tourism infrastructure, and provide a good foundation for tourism management; establish a tourism government management platform at all levels to achieve a high degree of integration of tourism information, and intelligent analysis of problems to assist decision-making; create a good tourism supervision Environment, open more tourism management display and evaluation windows to the public, and enhance the transparency of tourism management.

The construction needs of smart tourism are based on informatization, with tourist experience as the core, and integrated industry information management as the guarantee, so as to build a smart tourism ecosystem in an all-round way.

Realization case

Virtualized CAS can be selected for medium load business virtualization platform such as intelligent monitoring/collaborative office/all-in-one card.