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The digital solution provided by EHTDIGIT is an overall solution that integrates a data analysis and processing engine, artificial intelligence algorithm models, and a data analysis and modeling platform. It can help users to easily and quickly realize data collection, verification, and safety,The whole process from caching to analysis and modeling, application and visualization, lowering the technical threshold of digital applications in enterprises.

Dataization-Support business transaction data, behavior log data, audio image data, IOT data and other types of structure and non-architectural data verification and traceability analysis and processing.

Commercialization-Compatible with traditional businesses, support innovative businesses, and fully support smart operations.

Architecture-unified operation and maintenance management of multiple clusters, inter-chain interconnection, computing pushdown, and collaborative analysis.

In applications in the financial and film fields, the front-end, middle- and back-office applications can reshape the capabilities of precise customer acquisition, data security verification, real-time risk control, and lean operation, and provide personalized products and experiences more intelligently.

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