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At the 9th Beijing International Film Festival, the "Tiantan Award" judges awarded the best film to the Danish film "Lucky Boy Bill". The jury of this year's Temple of Heaven Awards is chaired by the famous American director Rob Minkoff. His first animated feature film "The Lion King" won the Oscar for Disney. The jury also includes the famous intellectual director Silvio Geyozzi, the famous Chinese director Cao Baoping, the famous Russian director Sergey Dwartzvoi, the famous Hong Kong actor Carina Lau, and the famous Iranian director Majid Makidi. His films "Little Shoes" and "The Colors of Heaven" were widely praised.

The complete list of winners of the Beijing International Film Festival

Best Picture: "Lucky Boy Bill"

Best Director: "Sunset" by Laszlo Nemes

Best Screenplay: "The Eleventh" Chen Jianbin

Best Actor: "The Waiter" Aris Sefta

Best Actress: "Tehran, the City of Love" Frug Kageberger

Best Supporting Actor Award: John Shawn in "The Star of War"

Best Supporting Actress Award: "The Eleventh" Dou Jingtong

Best Photography Award: "Fear" Nick S. Pleven

Best Music Award: "The Waiter" Coty K

Best Visual Effects Award: "The Wandering Earth" Ding Yanlai Xu Jian Zhao Haoqiang Samir Ansari

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